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发布时间 : 2019-08-26 02:01

酒精耐摩擦试验机说 Saying  Bright :.本机用于耐磨擦试验机适用于各类塑胶产品喷油、丝印表面作耐磨擦试验,诸如:电脑、行动电话(P.D.A)、MP3、CD CD/DVD、无绳电话、电子词典等。特点:耐磨擦试验机采用日本原产之精密传动部件传动,运行平稳,低噪声;配以三种夹具:450 笔记硬度划痕测试夹具、橡皮擦测试夹具、酒精测试夹This aircraft uses in bearing rubs the testing machine to be suitable for each kind of revertex product blow, the silk India surface does bears the friction experiment, such as: Computer, mobile phone (P.D.A), MP3, CD CD/DVD, non-rope telephone, electronic dictionary and so on. Characteristic: Bears rubs the testing machine to use Japan to produce the precise transmission part transmission originally, the movement is steady, low noise; Matches by three kind of jigs: 450 write down degree of hardness scratch test jig, the eraser test jig, the ethyl alcohol test to clamp 

酒精耐摩擦试验机技术参数Technical parameter:

1.试验荷重Experimental load capacity:80~1000g      

2.台面*大承重Floor most greatly load-bearing :5kg   

3.移动距离Motion distance:2~25mm或商议Or discussion 

4.测试速度Test speed :10~60rpm/min 

5.速度输入方式Speed input way:旋钮Knob 

6.荷重砝码Load capacity weights:10,20,50,100,200,500g

7.机台尺寸Radio station size :530x490x410mm    

8.机台重量Radio station weight:59kg

9.    Power source:1,220V,5A 

10.选购配件Selects and purchases the fitting  :专用夹具台  标准测试铅笔6B~9H  标准测试橡皮擦#75215 #75216  Unit clamp Taiwan standard test pencil 6B~9H standard test eraser